Week 1:

Aug. 26-30

Concept Name/Title:

Fire Safety--Stop, Drop, and Roll


3rd and Up

Concept Explained:

Sometimes youngsters don't know what to do in case they are faced with a fire in their homes or school. This is a tip that should help them know what to do if they are faced with moving safely within a structure that is on fire.


  • Activity 1: Moving in General Space

    Students are spread out in general space in a safe manner (arms distance apart). On teachers command, students walk in general space until they hear the signal "STOP." The students immediately stop.

    The students continue to walk in general space again. This time the teacher calls out "Drop and Roll." The students then practice falling safely to the floor and then roll like a log 3 or 4 times on the floor until the teacher gives the signal to continue with a traveling movement (i.e., skipping, galloping, etc.). The teacher can ask the children to call out the words "stop", "drop", and "roll", immediately after the teacher says each word.

  • Activity 2: Tag Game

    Three or four students are chosen as taggers. Give those students a red sock stuffed with tissue paper. When the taggers tag the runners with the socks and say "FIRE", the tagged runner must shout "Stop, Drop, and Roll", and then perform the movements (stop, drop, and roll) before contiunuing to play the game. After a few minutes, new taggers are selected and the game continues.

    Submitted by the Doctoral students in the Health and PE Program at Virginia Tech. These ideas were presented at the Sharing The Wealth Physical Education Conference in Jekyll Island, GA (1996). Thanks for contributing to PE Central!