In 1997, the physical education teachers in Albemarle Co. were faced with cutting back the amount of time allocated to physical education classes. Because of a state mandate that states 75% of the curriculum must be devoted to the core curriculum subjects physical education was in jeapardy of losing a day or two per week.

What The PE Teachers Did

The physical education teachers formed a task force whose charge was to find resources and information that would help support and justify the value of having physical education in the curriculum. They compiled a handout (see below) and invited noted physical education professor and expert, Dr. George Graham, to give a presentation to board members and administrators on the importance of physical education and the consequences involved in eliminating days of physical education.

  • Handouts/Notes For Meeting (Includes some references)
  • George Graham Speech

  • Submitted by George Graham who is a professor in the Health and PE Program at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!
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