TO: Demonstration School, Advocacy Contacts, Selected Individuals

FROM: Artie Kamiya, Arts Education and Healthful Living Section; Chief Kymm Ballard, Physical Education Consultant

RE: Public Relations

Last week, this "Dear Abby" appeared in newspapers across North Carolina. It is an opportunity for us to speak out about quality physical education. We are asking you to send letters to your local newspapers in response to this letter. This will be an initiative not only for NC, but nationally as well. The letter will be published in several National newsletters for other states to do the same. We would like to get every newspaper we can to publish our responses locally. Also, we hope to create some interest in Demonstration School and other quality programs in NC so that they may contact you for more information. The following is the action plan to be initiated the second week of January:

1. Write a response and mail to Dear Abby at PO Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447. Have students write and mail to Dear Abby as a writing initiative.)

2. Write a response to the editor of your local and surrounding newspapers expressing your concerns for the public view on this issue. Assure them of the methods and activities you use in your class and send them any information on your programs that you can. (Once again, you can involve your students in this project too!)

3. Send us a copy (so we can keep a list of which newspapers we are reaching) by the third week in January. We will collect and forward information to NASPE.

This is a tremendous opportunity for us to get some correct information out there. We are including sample letters for your consideration. Feel free to use them or write your own from your heart and include information we may have left out.

Thank you for your time and effort ahead of time. This can really be great if we all do our part for the students in NC and across the country. We look forward to seeing your responses.

Submitted by Artie Kamiya and Kymm Ballard. Artie is with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and Kymm is a Physical Education Consultant in North Carolina. Thanks so much for contributing to PE Central!