Equipment Name:

The Plinko Board

Materials Needed:

2ft X 3ft Peg Board
Small wooden dowels
35 small wooden pegs
2ft X 3ft Plastic or Plexi Glass

Estimated Cost:



This is a great reward system that I use for Birthdays, "I Got Caught Being A Good Sport" and "Sports Trivia of the Week". Students get an opportunity to use the Plinko Board to earn prizes or an opportunity to do something special with their class.

Directions For Making:

I first covered the peg board with green foam paper and turned it into a soccer field. This helps make it alittle more appealing to the eye.

First screw in two barriers to the edges of the peg board. This will make outside walls to stop the plinko chip from going over the side.

From the reverse side, screw in about 36 evenly spaced out 1/2'' wooden pegs. This will allow the chip to bounce around once dropped down a slot.

Then secure the plexi glass into the wooden barriers that were originally put on. At this point you should have a peg board with various dowels and
a piece of plexi glass covering it.

On the bottom I made slots for the chip to land into. Each slot has a different reward. (Prize, Activity, Choice, Warm ups, Prize)

Students absolutely love the Plinko Board and it motivates them to use good behaviors and stay involved with my weekly trivia questions.

Submitted by John Selvaggio who teaches at the Blue Point Elementary School in Blue Point, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC:1/16/2011.