Equipment Name:

Equipment Bags

Materials Needed:

Old T-shirt
Nylon Utility Cord
Cord Locks
Sewing machine and thread
Safety pin

Estimated Cost:



Equipment bags are a must for most physical education teachers. Many drawstring mesh bags deteriorate quickly with the amount of usage of a typical classroom. Using recycled materials and simple sewing skills, one can make sturdy and inexpensive drawstring bags for their storage needs in about 5 minutes.

Directions For Making:

If needed, you can purchase t-shirts at the thrift stores for 25 to 50 cents, and get the size and colors that best fit your needs.

Re-cycle cords and cord locks from your bags that have fallen apart. You can also purchase nylon cord at any hardware store. Cord locks (also known as lace locks) can be purchased at some sporting goods stores, however I purchased mine from

To start, decide what side of the shirt you want to face out when the project is done. Turn the shirt so that your preferred "out" side is in.

Sew the arm holes and the neck hole shut. It is not necessary to do any cutting of the sleeves or neck. Turn the shirt outside out.

Use the bottom hem of the shirt as your casing for your drawstring. Clip a small hole in the bottom hem in order to insert your cord.

Cut your cord to the desired length, allowing for about 16-20 inches extra for the drawstring.

Pin a safety pin on the one end of the cord, and thread this through the hole in the shirt hem.

Thread the cord all the way around the hem so that it comes out of the same hole it went in.

Insert both ends of your drawstring into the cord lock. Close the bag using your drawstring and tie the ends of the string together to prevent
pulling the cord lock off.

I used my bags every day, and they have held up much better than anything I have purchased for the same purpose.

Submitted by Jilaine Andesron who teaches at the JumpBunch of Central Ohio in Bexley, Ohio. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC:1/16/2011.