The McDowell Flash Mob Happy Dance

There are two videos below. The first one has an instructional component up front along with the video of the dance. The second video (scroll down if you do not see) shows just the full dance. The written steps of the dance are below the second dance.

Dance with Instruction

Just the Dance being performed

"The Happy Dance" (beginner) steps (by Annie Machamer)

1. Step clap to the Right 4 times
2. Step clap to the Left 4 times
3. Skate forward R, L, R, L (4 times)
4. Skate back R, L, R, L (4 times)
5. Grapevine (or step) 4 counts to the Right, throw R arm up and L foot out on 4th count.
6. Repeat step 5 to the Left, Right, and Left (Total 4 times)
7. Step then snap R, L, R, L (4 times)
8. Step then snap to R (2 counts), then pop chest out and in (2 counts)
9. Slide to the left (2 counts)
10. Jump cross your feet (R foot in front), and unwind to the left wall
11. Repeat steps 1-10 to all walls

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