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Head - is in a straight line with upper body (remains motionless)

Eyes - focused on ground 10 meters in front of you for first half of race, then eyes should focus on finish line

Shoulders are square and parallel to target line

Upper Body - leaning slightly forward for first 30-60 meters, then position is upright

Hands - are relaxed, not clenched. Arms - move with a smooth forward backward action in straight line - elbows maintained at 90 degrees

Legs - drive leg forward with high knee action. Toes - on the ball of foot/toes at all times


Submitted by Frank Galati who teaches at Swansea Public School in Toronto, Canada, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/22/2003 1:21:48 PM. Viewed 23889 times since 5/22/2003.

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