Culminating Activities

Lesson Title: Student Designed PE Classes

Professor: Kim Oliver, New Mexico State Univ, Las Cruces, NM

Overview: New Mexico State University’s Secondary Physical Education Methods Class worked with Mayfield High School’s 1st period PE Class. We were interested in understanding what could be when we worked with pre-service teachers in a high school physical education class to assist them in the process of learning to listen and respond to their students in ways that might better facilitate young people’s interest, motivation, and learning. We worked collaboratively to find ways of making physical education more meaningful to students and co-created this book to represent some of what we learned about how to make learning physical activity FUN! We created two dance video productions and a collection of moderate-to-vigorous student-designed games that motivate youth to want to participate in physical education. This project was part of a field-based class designed to assist pre-service teachers in the process of learning to become student-centered in their curricular and pedagogical practices.

Student Work Examples:

Submitted by Kim Oliver, New Mexico State Univ, Las Cruces, NM. Published on 5/2/2012

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