Culminating Activities

Lesson Title: World Championship Ballroom and Latin Dance Competition Final Exam

Professor: John Bennett, UNC-W, Wilmington, NC


Every activity that is selected for your curriculum has the opportunity to have a unique culmination. Having a special culmination to an activity can really build up program interest, promote advocacy, and promote student involvement in physical activity. It allows for appropriate closure and leaving an activity at a high motivational level. Don’t miss offering special closures/culminations to your programs.

This video was “shot” in the fall semester of 2009 at the University of North Carolina Wilmington in a physical education teacher education course on dance. It was a part of the student’s final exam and was worth half of the final grade. The other half was a dance skills test. The video shows students in a “World Championship Ballroom and Latin Dance Competition”. Students dress appropriately for the competition and compete in teams for certificates, just as any international competition would be conducted. All events were judged and all contestants placed. Food was brought in for the competition as this is also a “normal” way to conduct such an event.

I personally contacted the media to come and cover our event and three media networks arrived. They love to cover this event and then I am afforded the opportunity to advocate and actually show my students, that It can be done!

Submitted by John Bennett, UNC-W, Wilmington, NC Published on 5/2/2009.

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