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Name of Activity:

Switch and Rotate Listening Game

Purpose of Activity:

To teach listening skills.

Suggested Grade Level:

4th and Up

Materials Needed:

Cones for general space boundaries

Description of Idea

The object of this game is to stay so close to a partner that when the teacher says Stop and the players freeze, the follower can still touch the leader. When the teacher says Switch, the partners change roles, and the follower becomes the leader.

Have students find a partner in general space. Have one student be the leader and the other the follower. The follower should be one arms length away from the leader (should be able to touch back of leaders shoulder before starting the game).

On teachers signal the leader is allowed to WALK anywhere in the gym. The follower is to follow the leader as best they can to try and stay one arms length away. When the teacher says Stop the two players freeze immediately and the teacher needs to check and see if the followers can still touch the shoulder of the leader.

The teacher has them play again but this time when the teacher says Switch the leader and the follower switch roles by turning around. Now the follower is the leader and the leader is the follower. When the teacher says Stop see if the follower can tuch the shoulder of the leader.

To make more difficult the teacher can introduce the term Rotate. When students here that term the follower is to go to the front of the line and then become the leader.


After students get this with 2 players add a third or fourth and watch the fun begin!

Add different locomotor movements.

The following activity is taken from the book entitled "Children Moving: A Reflective Approach to Teaching Physical Education (4th Edition)" authored by George Graham, Shirley Holt/Hale, and Melissa Parker. Mayfield Publishing has granted exclusive permission to PE Central to reprint this activity. Further reproduction of this task is strictly prohibited unless permission is obtained from Mayfield Publishers.

Teaching Suggestions:

We have found this game to be most productive with older children who know something about traveling successfully in general space. We have also found walking the best locomotor pattern to use.

Please tell the students to keep their heads and eyes up because they can bump heads very easily on stops and changes in direction.

Submitted by Mark Manross in Blacksburg, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/4/2016.
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Switch and Rotate Listening Game

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this failed for me because the group was smaller than i thought but when i get a bigger group i will try this again and hopefully succeed this time

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