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Name of Activity:

Reading Labels: Which snack is the best choice?

Purpose of Activity:

To provide students with the knowledge of how to determine the nutritional information within snacks. Students will identify different parts of labels as well as compare snacks.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Reading Labels Power Point or in Reading Labels PDF
Snack wrappers of commonly eaten snacks at your school
Variety of exercise equipment depending on exercises chosen to utilize: ie- exercise mats, jump ropes, step boxes, medicine balls, weight bars etc.

Description of Idea

Begin lesson with reading labels power point or discussion. Be sure your students are able to determine where to find specific nutritional information. Set up 10 stations (or more) identified by cones. At each station have a station card that has a snack wrapper and label attached to it. On the station cards give instructions as to what nutritional information you want the students to identify and couple an exercise to go with that information. Examples might include:

1- Cheese-its. Identify the CALORIES PER SERVING in one serving of Cheese-its. Perform one jump-rope for each calorie in the snack!

2- Skittles. Identify the amount of SODIUM in one serving of Skittles. Perform one sit up for each gram of sodium.

3- Grandmas Cookies. Identify THE NUMBER OF SERVINGS that are in one package of Grandmas Cookies. Jog one lap for every serving.

4- Snickers. Locate the TOTAL FAT GRAMS that are in one Snickers bar. Perform one box step up for every gram of fat.

5-Fruit-Snacks. Identify how many GRAMS OF SUGAR are in ONE serving of Fruit snacks and perform the same number of jumping jacks.

6- String Cheese- Identify the number of CALORIES FROM FAT in one serving of string cheese and perform the same number of push ups.

7-Capri Sun- Identify the PERCENTAGE OF VITAMIN C in one serving of Capri Sun Juice and perform one body weight squat for each percentage!

8-Lays Chips- Identify the GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES in one serving of Lays potato chips. Perform one weight bar exercise for each gram of carbohydrate.

9-Yoplait Yogurt. Identify the amount of PROTEIN GRAMS in one serving of Yoplait Yogurt. Perform one pull up (or pull up hang) for each gram of protein.

10- Chocolate Milk (the type the cafeteria gives with lunch). Identify the daily percentage of VITAMIN D in one serving of Chocolate Milk. Perform one medicine ball exercise for each percentage!

Reading Labels Power point or in Reading Labels PDF

Assessment Ideas:

While working through the stations each student could have a check sheet to record the correct answers for each station. This could act as a pre assessment or as a quiz itself.

Submitted by Kristal Kostiew who teaches at MSA West Academy in Addis, LA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/2/2012.
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Reading Labels: Which snack is the best choice?

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