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Name of Activity:

Bowling School

Purpose of Activity:

To practice bowling technique in a fun bowling setting.


Proper bowling approach technique and lots of practice with bowling.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Bowling pins and balls.

Description of Idea

Welcome to bowling school!

As a student at this school you must begin in the first grade (hypothetically of course). Using proper bowling technique, you will have two opportunities to knock down the pins in your grade. First grade is one pin, second grade is two pins, etc. all the way to the 10th grade! To advance from grade to grade, you must knock down ALL the pins in your current grade on your turn (you have two rolls). You pass if all pins are knocked down. On your next turn you would advance to the next grade level (add one pin). You stay back if any pins are left standing after your second roll. You remain in the same grade your next turn until you successfully knock down the pins in your level!


You could switch it around and have them try for 10 pins in the first round and take away pins as some folks think that knocking one pin down is tougher than 10.

This lesson can be done two different days. The first day as a base test, then the second day see if the studnets can make it further along in the grades!

Teaching Suggestions:

While walking around it is important for the teacher to help students who are struggling. Give cues and feedback on how to properly roll the ball to complete the task.

Do not let other kids laugh at those who are having trouble advancing.

Ask students to practice 2 weeks in advance at a real bowling alley so they have plenty of practice. It is best that they know this lesson is coming up soon.

Question the students about the difference between a strike and a spare. Relate a strike to advancing from your current grade to another within the school year, whereas a spare means you have to go to summer school, but you still advance. Obviously you stay back if not all pins are knocked down.

Submitted by Kristal Kostiew who teaches at MSA Academy in Plaquemine, LA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/2/2012.
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Bowling School

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Do not use this idea it is horrible one kid broke his ankle

Monterio Rawlings

this will be a good PE class for my students


i think this idea i kind of fun. i think this will be a good game for mi PE class to participate in.=)

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