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Students should have the basic fundamentals of dribbling and passing before attempting this activity.

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Materials Needed:

One soccer ball per/offensive partners. 20+ cones (2/goal with 5+ goals on each side of the gym)

Description of Idea

Before class, have several pairs of cones set-up around the gym about 5 feet apart. These will be the goals.

Split the class into four teams and have each student pick a partner. Then split the class into two separate games, two teams on one side of the gym and the other two on the other side.

Decide which teams are the defenders and which are the offenders. The students who are the offenders must dribble up to the cones and pass, through the cones, to their partner on the other side. The defenders must prevent the offenders from scoring by stealing the ball.

If the ball does get stolen, the defending pair become the offenders and vice versa. For every pass that is successfully passed through the cones to their partners, is a point. After they have passed through the cone to their partner, they must then dribble to another set of cones.

After a few minutes have the teams switch roles to allow everyone to have a turn in being the defender and offender.

Submitted by Michael Denver in Bayville, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/24/2015.
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A. Starcher

I agree that the written directions are confusing. It would be great to have a video posted.
Can you send me a video of this lesson?

Jason DeMien

Can you send me video of this lesson to

it sounds awesome!


I am interested in this activity! Do you happened to have a video?

l bearden

I would also like a video if possible. Thanks

Rina Chaya Lebovic

Looks like a great drill, would love to try it but not sure I fully understand. Can I get a video too please? Thanks!


Played this game today with 7th and 8th graders. Loved the game, offense, defense, dribbling, passing, scoring. Covered practice of all skills. Plus it was a great cardio workout for kids. Thanks for sharing.


First time subbing for PE today and this game was on my plans. I was a bit confused at first, but it worked very well. Keep in mind that there are no "goals" in this game. The scoring occurs when a team successfully completes a pass through the cones. The game is quite fluid and possession changes hands rapidly. I had 3 sets of cones set up on each side of the gym and that worked well. I think any more would have crowded the space. I had teams of 3 in one class and teams of 2 in another. Both worked well. I found that it was great for keeping the kids moving and it was active and fun enough that no one was really concerned about keeping score.

Sam Ghabboura

Sry its

Sam Ghabboura

I would love to see a video of it u can email it to me if possible


I am sorry I wrote it wrong!!


Great idea but would totally love a video of the activity if you had it. If possible please email me


Great Idea and I would love to use it in my future practices. If possible could you email me a video of the lesson. email:

L. Finch

Sorry it didn't turn out like I planned it. If you still need a visual I can e-mail you a better one.

L. Finch

I have actually played this myself when I was on the soccer team in High School and even College. This is what it should somewhat look like on one of the fields: V=cone x=player o=ball

x V x
V o V o V
x x

V x
x o x o x

The goals should be far enough away from each other so students MUST dribble to them. They should not be against a wall in the gym so that the ball may be passed between them. Hope this helps.

Jonathan Tura

It easy to visualize this activity if there was a video link..

victor diaz

this was what i was looking for

Nancy McGoldrick

It would have been great (or rather "more helpful) to see a diagram as to where exactly the goals would be placed for this activity.

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