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Name of Activity:

Aquatics Goals

Purpose of Activity:

For students to differentiate for themselves some individualized goals for the aquatics class and assess themselves weekly to see if they are achieving the weekly goals.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Semester Goal Packet, Weekly Goal Sheet, Semester Goal Sheet, Stroke Evaluation Sheet

Time Needed to Complete:

5-10 minutes at beginning of week and 24 minutes a day to practice the activities to acheive the weekly goals.

Description of Idea

The students will set a semester goal during the first week of class after performing a skill assessment. Stating the semester goal at the top of the page every week, the students fill out a weekly goal to achieve by the end of the week. Each goal has 3 activities that the students immediatley start when class begins. Each activity lasts 8 minutes. On the last day of the week the students give themselves a pass/fail grade if they achieved the weekly goal. If they did not receive a passing grade from themselves, I recommend they repeat some of the same activities for the following week. This helps when there is a large range of skills in the aquatics class.

I have a student that swim's for the swim team but can still set a semester goal to achieve. I have another student in the same class who couldn't breath underwater and has a semester goal for his own level to acheive so essentially every student improves themselves greatly by the end of the semester.

Scoring Rubric:

Self Assesment Weekly Pass/Fail according to acheiving the goal: Pass/Fail according to the way they performed the 3 swimming activities to acheive that goal.

Submitted by Christine Bodine who teaches at Lafayette Senior High School in Chesterfield, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/5/2008.
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Aquatics Goals

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