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Name of Activity:

Jumping Rope

Purpose of Activity:

This rubric is used to assess each student's skill achievement during our jumping rope unit.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Short jump rope for each student, Jump Rope Rubric Sheet

Description of Idea

The students are rotating through jump rope stations. The rubric is used by the teacher as a grading tool. The teacher observes each student individually while they are rotating around the gym and gives them a mark based on their skill achievement.

About the Rubric: Designed for grades K-5. The rubric is based on five jumping rope skills for grades 3-5 and five basic jumping and landing skills for grades K-2. The grading scale is based on a total of 5pts. 5 being a master and 1 being a beginner. This scoring rubric is used on the last day of our jumping rope unit (depending on class time, normally day three).

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Submitted by Kristin Donley Dundon who teaches at Mt. Vernon & MacArthur Elementary School in Alexandria, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/18/2008.
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Jumping Rope

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Sarah Bitsui

I think that as a whole, this concept is very good. I think that the teachers can encourage students to work together to learn new techniques. If it doesn't "click" for one student, but does for others, they can help each other.


I have a hard time imagining improvement in the unskilled with only 3 days of skipping.


where is the lesson plan? I cannot see any

Theresa Collins

How many successful jumps does the student have to make without missing?

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