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Name of Activity:

Kickball Soccer

Purpose of Activity:

To practice kicking, passing and trapping skills.


This game is appropriate after the students have learned the above skills and practiced them.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

For every 6 students - 1 soccer ball, 1 poly spot, 2 hula hoops, 50 small items to be used as counters (I use short sections of PVC that also double as my lummi sticks), and a small arch about 2' x 2' to be used as a goal (I use homemade mini-goals made from PVC; a broken hula hoop works also). I typically use all color coordinated equipment.

Description of Idea

One team of three is up to bat and the other team of three is in the outfield. The first batter/kicker puts the soccer ball on the poly spot and kicks it anywhere in the field. Once the ball is kicked everyone on the batting/kicking team runs out and retrieves a lummi stick from the hula-hoop and brings it back to the home hula-hoop. They continue running back and forth collecting lummi sticks until the fielding team makes an out.

To make an out, the fielding team must kick the soccer ball through the mini-goal and yell "OUT". Each player on the fielding team is allowed one trap and one kick/pass. No player may kick the ball two times in a row. Minimal dribbling is allowed. After everyone bats, count up the lummi sticks, return them to the outfield hula hoop and switch sides. See diagram below for game set-up. I usually have 3-4 games going on at a time, depending on the number of students in each class.

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Assessment Ideas:

Teacher observation to ensure the students are using the proper passing/kicking techniques and trapping properly.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Allow children to stand closer to the goal when in the outfield or start closer to the lummi stick hula hoop when up to bat so they won't have to run as far.

Submitted by Alan Arnett who teaches at Westbrook Elementary in Brookville, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/16/2008.
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Kickball Soccer

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A good practice to reveal how effective teamwork is as opposed to trying to do it on your own--also enhances trapping and passing

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