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Name of Activity:

Who's Here Today?

Purpose of Activity:

The preschool students will participate in the activity by following the directions in the song and responding when they hear the sound of the letter of their first name.


1. Self-space 2. First letter of first name

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Large open floor space

Description of Idea

All children participate in the activity as a start to the day. Children begin the activity by finding their personal space in the large open floor space away from others.

Sing the following song, allowing children to fill in the blanks with appropriate names and sounds.


Who’s here today? (Students clap hands on beat)
Who’s here today? (Students clap hands on beat)
Turn around, take a look, (students do a 360 degree turn and look around)
Who’s here today? (Students clap hands on beat)

Mary’s here today. (Students clap hands on beat)
Mary’s here today. (Students clap hands on beat)
Jump up, squat down, (students jump into air and then squat down)
Mary’s here today. (Students clap hands on beat)

Mary has an /m/. (Students clap hands on beat)
Mary has an /m/. (Students clap hands on beat)
Everybody clap your hands. (student clap hands fast)
Mary has an /m/. (Students clap hands on beat)

Make sure there is enough time to use each student’s name.
Once students get the hang of it, allow them to lead. Add other locomotor activities as children learn the activity and have them make up their own movements.

Assessment Ideas:

1.Children will be observed to see how well they are following song directions and, to some degree, the speed in which they are completing the locomotor and axial movements.

2.Children will be observed to see if they are using the correct sound for the first letter of their own name as well as the first letter of other’s names.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Equipment: sugar sticks (for placement of lips and tongue for sounding out letters), enough open space to accommodate a wheel chair or walking device

Instruction: Pointing to children as a group when they are to respond, slow the pace of the song, model/practice the activity many times with the children so children understand what to do, children in a wheel chair can be taken out and held by a teacher or aide so they are able to “jump” and “squat” with assistance

Environment: Remove distractions, teach near circle time/calendar area,

Rules: Partner children with disabilities with another student or aide for them to watch so they can focus on what to do

Submitted by Kathryn Baker in Stevens Point, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/31/2008.
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Who's Here Today?

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I think I will try this activity with my students when they return in September. Awesome idea for name recognition.

Mrs. Boone

Uh, it's not what I expect it to be.

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