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Name of Activity:

Basketball Mania

Purpose of Activity:

To practice dribbling and shooting with the hands.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

1 basketball or other appropriately sized bouncy ball for each student; 10 deck-type rings; 10 frisbees or hula hoops; one container holding as many bean bags or other similar objects for counting as possible; two baskets (set at a low level for grade school children), one on each end of the gym; colored floor tape.

Description of Idea

Prior to the students arriving, set the activity area up as follows: Use colored floor tape to make and number 3 long taped zones in front and parallel to each of the baskets (zone #1 closest to the basket; Zone #3 farthest away). Make two large tape "X's", one on each side of the basket (zone #4), and two additional "X's" extended out from the ends of the #3 zone (zone #5). Put ten basketballs (one for each team) facing each basket, each sitting on one deck ring, to keep them from rolling on the floor. One frisbee is put behind each of the ten balls.

After students have had prior practice in dribbling and shooting skill techniques, explain that this is a five-zone game which will require them to do well with both skills. They will be on a group of two or three players; each group will stand behind one of the ten frisbees or hoops. At the signal, the first player in each group will pick up the basketball off the ring, dribble to the #1 zone, and take a shot from anywhere in that zone. If the player makes the shot, he/she dribbles to the #2 zone, shoots, and continues on to #3, #4, and #5, as appropriate. While this is taking place, the other members on the team are standing in line dribbling the ball, using both the right and left hands, while watching their teammate shoot.

When a shooter misses, he/she dribbles back to the team and places the ball on the ring. He or she then goes to the pail in the middle of the gym and picks up the earned number of bean bags: for each basket made in the numbered zone, the group gets that number of bean bags (e.g., one bean bag for a shot made in zone #1; 5 bean bags for a shot made at zone #5, etc.).

The next person in line may go as soon as the ball is placed on the ring (the first player takes their ball off the ring when they get back to the line so they can dribble while waiting). The game will continue until all the bean bags or objects from the center of the gym are gone or for a specified amount of time, at which point each team counts the number of bean bags they earned.

During the activity, observe to see if students are shooting from the correct zones, and are using correct dribbling and shooting techniques. During the activity, you may decide to rotate one member of each team in a clockwise direction before each round, to add variety to each team.


Use only two zones in the beginning to give students the chance to understand the game. They only get one shot; if they make it, they move to the #2 zone, shoot, then dribble back to the team. (Therefore, the most bean bags gathered per team member is three.) If they miss the first shot, they go immediately back to the team. You can then add one zone a until all zones are included.

Another variation is to have each student get one shot only, beginning at zone #1; if the shot is made, the student dribbles back to the team and the next student may then move to zone #2. Again, this student only gets one shot; if made, the next player may move to zone #3. If missed at any one zone, the next player must "redo" that zone until the shot is made from that zone.

To make sure the students dribble the ball while going to the basket or back to the other team members, don't let them gather earned bean bags if they travel.

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Submitted by Janelle Schumacher who teaches at Centennial Elementary School in Fargo, ND. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/2/2001.

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