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Name of Activity:

Freezamania Throw and Catch

Purpose of Activity:

To improve students' throwing and catching skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Wiffleballs, bean bags, nerf balls, balzac balls, junior footballs, and other age-appropriate objects for throwing and catching. Also, a cassette and/or CD player.

Description of Idea

After introducing/reviewing the cue for throwing and catching to be focused on during this lesson (for ex. throwing: "follow through to your partner"; "twist your body"; catching: "give with your body"; "pull the ball in to your body"), students are arranged in a scattered formation with one ball for every two children (allow them to choose object to throw).

As a musical selection is played, the children proceed to throw and catch back and forth. When the music goes off,the person that is holding the ball must chase after the other until the music comes on again. When the music starts again, students begin to throw and catch again (you might allow--or require--students to quickly change the object they are using at this point). Observe students during the activity to see if they are using the cues introduced when throwing and catching; give feedback based upon their use of these cues.

Photos and video done by Mark Manross. Thanks so much to John Pomeroy and the kids at Bonsack Elementary for teaching and performing the lesson idea so it could be videotaped and photographed.

Assessment Ideas:

1. Use this activity for an "instant activity" to a lesson, allowing students to use the hand/eye skill of their choice (throw, roll, bounce,etc.) to move the object back and forth.

2. Use this activity as a review of ball-handling skills for students in grades K-2. Students alternate using underhand or overhand throwing; rolling; bouncing the ball, etc. to their partner. Instead of having students chase only their partner, any student who has a ball in his/her hand is "it" and must tag those students without a ball.

NOTE: be sure students have had many opportunities in safely moving around general space and chasing, fleeing, and dodging in a large group. Stress the safety aspect at the beginning of the lesson!

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Freezamania Throw and Catch

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Previous Comments:


Is the instruction to jog and not sprint? I am trying this and sprinting and cutting can get a bit crazy.

Edward Marshall

This lesson went very well in my class. The only thing I added was after about five secs. of fleeing, chasing, etc... I gave a double blast with the whistle to freeze everyone and those not "It" had 3 secs to get inside some cones cones/hula hoops to be in a safe zone. Thanks to whoever submitted; really good lesson.

Gerry C.

After viewing the comments ,I think its necessary to say that this activity is just a small part of a previous activities. It's a pre-cursor to the many variations and carry overs from other lead up activities. That is , the type of object when chasing for football is defense, which is mirroring , and when chasing the chaser must stay with 3 feet of the other person . Now, as questioned if tagged , that person practices with a partner until the music starts again . Be sure to change partners, too. Th epoint sysytem was done on a previos lead up activity, called "Gotcha". To protect the pathways and safety ,an activity called "meteors" was always done befor any chase sequence.

S. Floyd

Have used this type of game before. Students love it. Must watch out for a few who might want to move to fast. We have four classes in our gym at one time playing this activity.

Nikki Fellner

When I stopped the music, I had all students with a ball be the "it's" and chase and tag those without balls. Once tagged, students had to sit and wait for someone to "un-freeze" them. In order to be "un-frozen," tagged students had to tell the other student one step involved in the sequence of a proper overhand throw or a proper catch. I encouraged students to think of a different step each time they were being "un-frozen."

Mary Kaye Roper

Idea for when the chaser tags the fle-er: Tagger would immediately drop the ball or put it down and become the flee-er and the flee-er becomes the tagger. This is a great warm-up for a throwing and catching lesson as it gets the mind set for the skill as well as gets the heart rate up. You could also intermittently stop for strength and flexibility exercises and have the person with the ball choose the strength or flexibility exercise:)


I like the idea also, but what happens if the chaser catches their partner? One idea might be to award a point to the chaser if they are caught and a point to the flee-er if they do not get caught.


I think this is a great idea, but what happens when "it" catches the person they are chasing?

Johnny M. Rushing

I think that this is a great activity and the students will grasp the concept of it.

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