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Name of Activity:

Throw Everything

Purpose of Activity:

To have students apply what they have learned about the throwing motion.

Activity cues:

Step with opposite foot, arm way back, side to target, follow through

Suggested Grade Level:

4th and Up

Materials Needed:

Different size balls, containers to hold them, wall to throw to

Description of Idea

Find all the balls in your equipment room that are suitable for throwing using the overhand throwing motion. Put them in several containers and place them in the center of the playing area. Arrange these containers so that they represent the easiest throwing objects first and then the more difficult one are last in the line.

Have the students take a ball from the first box, find a wall space, throw hard using the correct throwing cues at the wall. Have them catch the ball upon its return from the wall. Upon seeing perfected throwing motions, I call their name out and they return the ball to the correct carton. They then are allowed to take a ball from the next carton and go to the wall and work on their perfect throws. This continues until they have reached every ball. The last ball they throw will be their favorite one. They are not allowed to move to the next throwing object until I notice that they are throwing using the cues we had been practicing.

Examples of balls that this author has used: small playground, soccer nerf, soccer rubber, footballs, softball, whiffle baseball, whiffle softball, yarn balls, tennis balls, handballs, bean bags, various sized nerf balls, and various sized gator skinned balls.

Teaching Suggestions:

This is a culminating activity. Probably not best to try this with students who haven't been taught the proper cues to throwing.

Use the "back to the wall" teaching technique so you can evaluate every students throwing motion

Help students who are having trouble. It they are trying really hard but don't quite have it ask them to move on to the next ball.

Can do the same with catching. Have them catch the ball using the correct cues. They can catch after one bounce or before it hits the ground.

Submitted by Pat Hansen who teaches at Monroe Elementary in North Mankato, MN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/7/2001.
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Throw Everything

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