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Name of Activity:

Harry Potter Field Day

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Materials Needed:

4 brooms with foam covered handles for safety,4 large targets,buckets and sponges,pictures of animals, snacks donated from parents, tennis nets, 6-8 inch foam noodles, balloons, pictures of magical creatures: unicorn, pheonix, sphinx, dragon. one bandaid for each student, scooters, sidewalk paint, laminated traffic signs, Astronomy- large parachute

Description of Idea

Harry Potter Field Day-

*The day begins with a short assembly in the gym to kick off the day. Our principal dresses up like Dumbledore (Hogwarts Headmaster) and welcomes everyone. The homeroom teachers divided their classes into one of four groups. Each group represents one of the four houses of Hogwarts (Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffendor) Each event of field day represents a class taken at Hogwarts.

1.Flying- Madam Hooch will teach you how to fly on a broom. Fly down and around the cone and back.

2. Quidditch- Quidditch is the game played in the Harry Potter books. This event requires 2 games at once. One goal at each end of the area, teams work to throw their ball through the target (much like handball) On the signal- 2 "seekers" (riding brooms) will try to catch the "golden snitch" (tennis ball)

3. Potions- Professor Snape will teach you how to create "Polyjuice Potion." Students will run to a bucket of water (potion ingredients) and fill a sponge. Run back to their group and empty it into their container. Continue until all the ingredients have been collected.

4. Transfiguration- Professor McGonagall will teach you how to transform into an animal. Students will travel down to a box filled with animal pictures, choose one and then travel back to their group acting like that animal.

5. Herbology- Professor Sprout will teach you all about the magical properties of plants. This is the snack station. Each snack is plant based- fruit, vegetables, fruit juice etc.

6. Charms- Professor Flitwick will teach you how to use a wand. Using their "wands" students will strike a balloon over a net similar to tennis.

7. Care of Magical Creatures- Hagrid will teach you how to treat some special beasts. Students will race to one of four pictures of magical creatures and place a Band-Aid on the picture and run back.

8. Muggle Studies- a Muggle is someone without magical powers. This is an obstacle course to learn how muggles travel through the city. This is a road course with street signs. Students ride on scooters through the course.

9. Astronomy- Professor Sinistra teaches us about the stars. We use the parachute for this event. We have a parachute with the planets on it.

Submitted by Daniel Hill who teaches at Collins Lane Elementary in Frankfort, KY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/11/2006.
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Harry Potter Field Day

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