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Name of Activity:

Zone Ball

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of this activity is for students to learn the fundamental concepts of a zone defense in basketball. In doing so students should also break the habbit of everyone gravitating to whoever has the ball. On the offensive end, students will utilize non bounce passing skills to successfully share the ball with teammates. Additionally, students will learn how to move without having the ball in their hands.


Students should have had practice with passing, shooting, and defensive stance.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

5-6 hula hoops at each basketball goal and one basketball.

Description of Idea

The teacher can set up different types of defenses such as a 2-1-2, a 3-2, or a 2-3 around the basketball goal using the hula hoops. 5-6 students will be selected to play defense. Those students will be restricted to either standing inside the hula hoop or have one foot in and one foot out (teachers choice) until a turnove occurs or basket is scored. In doing so, students will understand his/her area in the zone defense.

The offense must chest pass the ball to one another without letting the ball touch the ground. Therefore there is no dribbling in this activity. The student must freeze when he/she recieves a pass and quickly decide who they will pass to next. Each person on offense must pass at least once the ball before a shot can occur. Encourage students to move around as much as possible and find open space to handle the ball and recieve passes.

Each time the defense tips a pass away and the ball touches the ground it is a turnover and they switch. Offense becomes defense and vice versa. When each player gets a pass and can shoot if the ball touches the ground it is considered a turnover. However, if a student rebounds the ball they can shoot again.

Assessment Ideas:

If each student passes the ball successfully without the ball touching the ground before shooting they have met the objective.

If the defense stays within their hula hoop space and makes attempts to disrupt the offensive teams passing lanes they have met the objective.

Submitted by Allen Payton who teaches at Nickajack Elementary School in Smyrna, GA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/22/2007.
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Zone Ball

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Felisa Hampton

This idea sounds great! It would so fun.


Thanks! I'm covering a PE lesson today, and my only instruction was 'I dunno', just do basketball or something.' This looks fun and useful.


Good idea well put together


I Think a safer alternative is to Use Polyspots as opposed to the Hula Hoops. Create a line OR circle using the spots OR just use a single spot itself.


Can you please put a drawing or picture so we can see what it looks like?

tom dillon

just wondering if the defenders are allowed to rebound shots and have teachers who have tried this activity had safety issues with players landing on hula hoops?

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