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Name of Activity:

Egg-xactly Right

Purpose of Activity:

This is a fun, exciting Easter game that teaches matching of colors while getting some physical activity.


Students should be able to match colors and sizes, and manipulate the plastic eggs to put them together.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

plastic Easter eggs of different colors and sizes, Easter baskets, music, cd/cassette player

Description of Idea

The activity will begin with the class standing along the perimeter of the gym with a partner. Each pair of students has an Easter basket. Place all the plastic eggs in the center of the gym. The eggs should be broken apart and mixed up.

On the “go” signal, the first person of each duo will go to the center, using one of the stated locomotor skills, and pick up half of an egg and put it in the basket. They will then run (skip, hop, jump or gallop) back to their partners. The basket is then handed off to the partner, who will go to the center and look for the matching color and size. They will bring the basket back to the partner, and the relay will continue until all the eggs are matched up. At that time, repeat the activity with the other person going first, so all students have a chance to find the second half of the egg.

Music played during this activity (Easter or springtime songs) will help keep the students motivated and also helps keep the rhythm of the locomotor skills.

Assessment Ideas:

Look into the basket to see if the eggs are matched correctly. Use a checklist to see what level of ability the locomotor skill is performed by the students.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

If the student is in a wheelchair, go to the center with that child and pick up eggs to see if (s)he thinks they match or not.

Submitted by Stephanie Rice who teaches at Price in San Antonio, TX. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/5/2006.
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Egg-xactly Right

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I used wooden shaker eggs and got the students to match two eggs the same colours, letter or number (wrote on the egg) and also give them a coloured or lettered card and they have match an egg with the card.

Bonnie Arrant

I found that giving out cards with color on it for them to find and bring back worked better for my kids. Some of the eggs are hard to fit together even for me! :)

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