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Name of Activity:

Rules of Soccer

Purpose of Activity:

To assess the students understanding of the rules of soccer and promote teamwork and unity in learning.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Note cards with predetermined questions, white board with rubric, handouts for all students.

Time Needed to Complete:

10-15 minutes

Description of Idea

Prior to assessment, students are grouped into teams to learn and play the game of soccer. Soccer skills and concepts are taught daily throughout the unit. The teacher creates a list of questions based on the concepts and skills learned in class. Students are given a list of the questions and prompted to seek assistance from their teammates and teacher prior to the test date. Teacher can randomly check for student understanding prior to test by asking similar questions. On test day, one student will be randomly chosen to represent each team. Each student is asked a question about the game of soccer and is allowed assistance from their team with the understanding that their team score will be lowered if they need assistance.

Example questions:

-How is a team awarded a corner kick?
-What are the player positions and their duties?
-When is a penalty kick awarded?
-During a game who is allowed to touch the ball
with their hands?

Scoring Rubric:

5 pts: Student answers question correct and completes with no assistance from their team.

4 pts: Student answers question correctly and completes with some assistance from their team.

3 pts: Student answers at least half of questions correctly and relies on team for additional input to complete the answer.

2 pts: Student has difficulty answering the question and relies on team to answer for them.

1 pt: Student and team have little to no understanding of question.

Teaching Suggestions:

Feel free to modify the rubric so it only contains 3 point values or whatever you think is best.

Submitted by Denise Hoppal who teaches at Porter Middle School in Winnetka, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/22/2006.
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Rules of Soccer

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it is a good idea.its help teacher to judge what his or her student having the right knowlege of lesson

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