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Name of Activity:

Bean Bag Scavenger Hunt

Purpose of Activity:

To give students an opportunity to build upon their developing skills: bending, reaching, grasping, spatial awareness, listening, sharing, safety, etc.


Has understanding of playground rules, is of appropriate age to play on playground and has learned about colors.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

20+ Multi-colored Bean Bags, Bucket/Bag to store Bean Bags, Playground area

Description of Idea

Before class begins hide beanbags on the playground area. If you have a multi-colored playing area that is terrific. Try to match the colored beanbags with the equipment on the playground. Hide some high, medium and low. Don't burry beanbags and don't place them where students may get hurt retrieving them.

When they find them all you can allow the boys in the class to hide them from the girls and vice versa. Gives all students an opportunity to hide and match beanbags on the playground.

Assessment Ideas:

Observe students perform loco/nonlocomotor movements and spatial awareness competence as well as their ability to identify the colors they have found.

Observe how students share, take turns on playground equipment and listen to rules while playing.

Submitted by Jubal Poindexter who teaches at Henry Elementary in Henry, VA. Additional authors for this idea were Franklin County Public Schools. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/12/2006.
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Bean Bag Scavenger Hunt

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marie smith

this is a great activity, it will allow me to see if my children know their sex, colors and how well they used their listening skills.


I love it!

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