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Name of Activity:

Emergency Communication

Purpose of Activity:

To allow younger students to get the teachers attention when an emergency arises.

Activity cues:

The sign language sign for toilet is making a fist with your thumb between your pointer finger and middle finger. The letter T in sign. Then twist at the wrist back and forth like shaking your head no.


Knowledge of the sign for a bathroom emergency.

Suggested Grade Level:


Description of Idea

In my kindergarten class this year I had a little girl who had to use the restroom. She is a very patient girl who always follows the rules. I had asked the class a question about the activity we were going to do and many students had their hands in the air. When I called on her several minutes later, she asked if she could use the restroom. I felt badly that I had made her wait that entire time. With students that age it could have been too late for her. After thinking it over, I decided to teach the kindergarten class the sign for toilet and if they need to go now, instead of just raising their hand, I have them do the sign so I can distinguish it from the other questions, comments, or stories.

Teaching Suggestions:

Remind students that this is only to be used in emergencies.

Submitted by Natalie Ross who teaches at Westbrook in Westbrook, MN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/16/2003.
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Emergency Communication

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