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Name of Activity:

Volleyball Recall Poster

Purpose of Activity:

To see if students retained knowledge of volleyball terms used during volleyball unit.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

To see if students retained knowledge of volleyball terms used during volleyball unit.

Time Needed to Complete:

Take home assignment due in one week.

Description of Idea

At the end of our volleyball unit, each student is asked to create a volleyball poster that promotes attendance at a volleyball camp targeted at their age group. The poster must be on an 11" x 17" or larger paper. The student must list at least five volleyball terms e.g., forearm pass, overhead set, overhand serve, underhand serve, spike. Additional words relating to the game of volleyball will be considered extra credit, such as position rotation, volleyball etiquette, teamwork, and cues on how to perform the skills listed above. Each term does not need to be defined, but used in sentences such as: Improve your spike by coming to camp Volleyball, or in a picture depicting the skill being used with the term along side the picture. The posters are displayed on the bulletin board for each class to view. Further criteria is listed below as well.

Scoring Rubric:

A = all five terms or more listed in sentences or labeled by pictures, camp name present posted on 11" x 17" or larger poster, poster is attractive using colors and has been spell checked, students first and last name on back on back of poster, turned in by one week deadline. Overall, poster is of high quality and is worthy of posting on the bulletin board.

B = four terms are listed in sentences or pictures, camp name present on poster sized or close to 11" x 17" paper, appearance is mostly colorful, creative and spell checked, first and last name on back and is turned in by one week deadline. Overall, poster is of pretty high quality but could use a few touch ups.

C = three terms listed, camp name listed on some type of paper, uses some color, however appearance is not that creative and there may be spelling/grammar errors, first and last name on back, turned in one day late or on time. Poster is of average quality overall.

D = two terms listed on paper, appearance lacks creativity, clarity, and has not been proofread so spelling and grammar errors are present, first and last name on back, turned in later than one day. Poster is not worthy of being posted on bulletin board.

Submitted by Deanna Lee who teaches at Marshall Elementary in Livonia, MI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/24/2004.
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Volleyball Recall Poster

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