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Name of Activity:

Golf Skills Assessment

Purpose of Activity:

To determine if students could apply what had been taught them about the different golf strokes.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Paper and pencil or word processing software like Microsoft Word, etc.

Time Needed to Complete:

Should be given as an out of class assignment.

Description of Idea


"While visiting the Sun Desert Golf and Country Club I started to watch a couple hit several shots on the driving range and at the putting green. I originally thought they may be competent golfers. Upon further observation my guess turns out to be wrong. I can now see they are true beginners.

They seem to be very frustrated and I can see they could use some pointers on how to hit a golf ball. I decide to give them some help. Knowing there is a lot of information on the skill of hitting a golf ball, I proceed slowly and make sure not to give too much information all at once."


"Using the knowledge that you have gained in this class, I would like you to outline some suggestions that might help this couple. Please provide cues for each of the strokes that we have covered in this class (putting, chipping, and the full swing) that you think would best help this couple improve their putting, chipping, and full swing. Please write your suggestions as you were talking to this couple."

Scoring Rubric:


Provided none of the cues that would help this nice couple learn about any of these strokes. They show no evidence of ever being in class. Not allowed to talk to this couple.


Only a few of the cues are identified. They really don't have it yet. The cues seem scattered and confusing. They present instruction in a haphazard way and therefore confuse this couple. They are allowed a mulligan if they want to re-do.

Club Pro:

Students identify most of the cues but not all. They present instruction in a nice manner but it is a bit unclear. Almost ready for the tour but need more practice.

Touring Pro:

Students identify all the cues that we covered in the class and the instruction is presented in a clear and friendly manner.

Putting: straight back and straight through, putter head pointing at target on follow through, eyes over the ball;
Chipping: ball back in stance, open stance, hands ahead;
Full swing: knees flexed, steady head, smooth take away and follow through.

Submitted by Dean Manross who teaches at Unity Grove Elementary School in McDonough, GA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/24/2004.
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Golf Skills Assessment

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Kim B

Would love to see skills for junior golfers. We have putters, but no written lessons to lead us.

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