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Name of Activity:

Cognitive Knowledge About PE

Purpose of Activity:

To find out whether the students are understanding and remembering the skills, cues, strategies, etc. which you are teaching in P.E. class.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Chalkboard (or similar board), chalk and your predetermined questions. This is an excellent assessment to use if your gym is being used and you are in a confined space.

Time Needed to Complete:

30 minutes.

Description of Idea

Depending on the size of your class, divide the students into equal teams of 4-8 students. (Limit teams at elementary age to 4 - 6 at most.) Allow them to come up with a team name and post those team names on the chalk board. Ask one person from Team 1 to stand up and be ready for a P.E. question. If they answer the question without needing assistance from their teammates, their team receives 2 points. If they need assistance from their teammates, their team receives 1 point. If the team does not know the answer, any other team may answer (worth 1 point to that team).

Example questions for a second grade class might include:

  • Name a pathway

  • Turn in a counterclockwise direction

  • What part of your hand do you dribble with?

  • How many days a week should you exercise?

  • What's one thing you can do to get away from someone or thing chasing you?

The questions asked will depend on what you having been teaching and the cues you have used. The above are just samples.

Scoring Rubric:

1 Point: Student needs assistance from his/her teammates when answering every question.

2 Points: Student needs some assistance from his/her teammates when answering the questions.

3 Points: Student needs no assistance from his/her teammates when answering the questions.


A change in purpose to include the entire team to answer at one time especially when it is a visual check for understanding i.e. point to the part of the hand you are supposed to dribble with. Turn counterclockwise. Put your hands at a low level. If all the people on the team do it correctly the team gets the highest amount of points.

Submitted by Teri Charpenel who teaches at Fulton Elementary School in Tinley Park, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/7/2003.
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Cognitive Knowledge About PE

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Tammy Brown

While in teams in a confined space, ask math, science or social studies questions that were covered in PE. Incorporate spelling and math daily with games in PE, and watch what a difference in your class it makes. Questions like, what shape in the basketball court, or how do you spell your name backward. Make them think constantly!! Have fun.

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