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Name of Activity:

Understanding the Key Points for Basketball Skills

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose is for the students to work together in pairs helping each other understand the purpose of the key points of each skill being described.

Suggested Grade Level:


Description of Idea

Stations are set up for each skill on the sheet listed below. More than one pair can work at a station. Each pair of students have an assessment sheet and a pencil. Each sheet has the set shot, lay up, chest pass, and dribbling. Below each skill are 3-4 key points for the student to focus on while demonstrating/observing the skill.

While one student demonstrates the skill, the observer communicates the key points he/she is looking for. As the observer recognizes the key points he/she makes a check mark next to that key point.

Teaching Suggestions:

Learning is reinforced as students demonstrate the skill, watch the skill being performed, and also by reading the key points to the demonstrator.

Submitted by Tammy Errico in East Haven, CT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/30/2014.
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Understanding the Key Points for Basketball Skills

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Robert, you're a bit inaccurate with your corrections. You shouldn't have your hands behind the ball. Your hands should be on the sides but slightly behind. Your elbows can be slightly bowed out but your follow through should end with your arms straight and as I was always taught, thumbs down. You can see some resources that show elbows in to begin the bounce pass and some show the subject with elbows out a bit. I don't find this to be a crucial aspect of the bounce pass. Whatever feels more comfortable for them and if they are completing the other needed criteria appropriately.


i love this site


After reviewing this, I found that some of the skills were being taught incorrectly. When perfoming the bounce pass for example, you place your hands BEHIND the ball with elbows down.

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