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Name of Activity:

Color Coding: Learning Across the Curriculum

Purpose of Activity:

To form equal groups so students can work on projects. These projects work on research and presentation skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Four to five different colored folders, instructions for each group inside the folder, blank paper, and writing utensils. Also good to have resource materials on hand such as rulers, posterboard, etc.

Description of Idea

Students will choose colors from a box that has an equal number of each color. After getting their colors, they match their colors with the other students and then they meet in their color groups to receive their matching color folder. In their folder is the assignment or project to work on. All folders are different. For example, the green folder for soccer might say:

  1. Explain and show the positions of the goalie and forwards and their duties;

  2. Draw and explain the goal area and center circle;

  3. Define the following terms: trap, dribble, and pass.

Students are in the gym, library or computer lab to work on their project. Students must research, submit research (handwritten and typed), draw their assignment for display and present orally to the entire class. Several subjects have been included such as research, writing, speech, and art.

Students evaluate their own performance as well as their peers by verbal and written comments. All materials are on display until test time so it is used for study references.


  • This can be used as an Instant Activity as well. Just make sure you have research materials (i.e., magazines, journals, etc.) on hand if you have extensive things for them to do. Make this a 15 minute thing to review what they have learned about certain skills in the past.

Submitted by Jaylen  Turner who teaches at Spring Valley High School in Huntington , WV . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/26/2015.
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Color Coding: Learning Across the Curriculum

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