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Name of Activity:

Shooting Basketball Stars

Purpose of Activity:

To assist students in adapting to different basketball shooting ranges, from lay-ups to outside shots.


Proper basketball shooting technique e.g. eyes on target; shooting elbow in, at right angle and shoot with one hand; hips square to the target; back straight; knees bent.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One basketball for each child, 4 goals, Cardboard stars-4 different colors, 4 Star collectors-boxes.

Description of Idea

Assign point values to each star:

10 points for lay-ups
20 points for mid-range
30 points for long-range

Each star is placed on the floor. Label each basket with a color and place the corresponding colored star around that hoop. Place Star Collector boxes in each corner of the gym. Divide class into 4 groups and assign them to each of these corners.

The idea is for each team to collect as many points as possible, in a given time limit. The student may choose any star, any color. The student then stands over or on the star they chose and shoots the ball. If they make the basket, they place that star in their team's Star Collector box. If they miss, they simply move on to another star.


If a student makes a shot, they may choose to leave the star there for others to try, then pick another star of equal point value somewhere else to place in their box. This way all students have all the shooting spots to choose from all the time.

Give the students a fixed number of shots allowed to take to reduce the competition aspect.

Instead of teams, have students keep track on their own about how many points they get.

Use cones with a sheet of paper and pencil instead of stars. Students sign the paper when they make the shot, then move on. Score cards could be used as well for students to mark which shots they've made.

Use a variety of balls or other objects for shooting. Use lower baskets, where appropriate.

Assessment Ideas:

Assess proper shooting technique using PE Central's Teachers Cue Checklist Sheet.

Upon completing this game several times, have the students play an actual game of basketball and assess whether their shooting accuracy has increased.

Teaching Suggestions:

The stars enable the students to select their own difficulty levels, creating teaching by invitation. In addition, there is a component of interdisciplinary approach with mathematics already built in to this activity.

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Submitted by Jason Cormier who teaches at Immaculate Conception School in Prince George, BC, . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/14/2003.

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this game is a very cool game to play in PE class.i would love to play this game during my PE class.and a lot of people in the class too. THIS IS SO COOL!!!!! =0

lacee crump

this game is pretty cool. it sounds like a good idea and a way to keep kids happy. if someone likes basketball then this would be the game to play. i would like to play it, it sounds like a very cool way to play basketball. :)

goh jun hao

a good idea