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Name of Activity:

Carpet Space Sit

Purpose of Activity:

To help children understand self space so they can move safely through their environment.

Suggested Grade Level:

Pre K

Materials Needed:

One carpet square (approximately 12" by 18") for each child

Description of Idea

It is crucial for young children to understand the difference between general and self space. In order to do this ask the children to arrange carpet squares in a circle and then sit on their square (may want to have a taped "X" marked on the floor in a circle to help facilitate this quickly). Otherwise, you may need to assist children with the circle arrangement the first several classes. Using the carpets gives the teacher an opportunity to greet each child and to provide the set induction for the days activities.

Explain to the children that the space on the carpet is their space, and no one else can get in that space. The teacher should demonstrate the importance of
space awareness by attempting to sit on a carpet already occupied by a
child. Children quickly understand the concept of self space through
this activity. Remember, self space is a concept that is emphasized in
preschool throughout the school year, not only in the physical education
environment but in the classroom by the classroom teacher. Teachers who don't thoroughly teach this concept typically have a hard time managing more movement oriented lessons in the future.

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Carpet Space Sit

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