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Name of Activity:

Soccer Tennis

Purpose of Activity:

Volleying a soccer ball in a dynamic environment.


Ways/Skills to juggle a soccer ball. Surfaces that are easier to use and how to do so. How to rotate and score in volleyball.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Soccer or playground balls and tennis courts

Description of Idea

Group students into teams of 3-6 depending on the size of the court. If you divide each tennis court into two courts, teams of 4 work well.
The game starts when a player puts the ball in play by either:

  • punt - from baseline or service box

  • throw-in - soccer style from baseline or service box

  • The ball must land in the opposing court on the first bounce. This is where the teacher begins to have a lot of options. The teacher can decide that the ball cannot bounce at all, can have 1, 2 or 3 bounces between each hit, or can have a total of 3 bounces on one side. Also, the teacher has the option of putting a limit on the number of times a ball can be hit on one side.
    Rules that are helpful:
    1. The same person cannot hit the ball twice in a row.
    2. If the teacher chooses to use multiple bounces between hits, the maximum to use is usually three because the ball starts to roll.
    3. If the ball is bouncing have the team call out the number of bounces so there is no confusion or accusations of more bounces.
    4. The serving rotation can be used like that in volleyball. You can also allow for serves by providing two chances, but it makes the game move slower.
    5. Scoring follows volleyball rules.
    6. Time to play can be a time limit (which is easier because everyone ends at the same time) or to a point total.


    Use a Buka ball, wiffle ball, or other balls of differing shape, size and weight.
    Give skilled players the option of playing with a volleyball net.
    Have students make up their own rules regarding the number of bounces.

    Assessment Ideas:

    Before beginning the game, have groups juggle within their team and see how few bounces they need before every group member touches the ball 3 times. Repeat after the game is completed and grade on progress. Each group should be successful in lowering the number of bounces they require.

    Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

    They could catch and throw the ball, or after they catch the ball take three step and then throw.
    Use a SLO MO ball when including physically or mentally challenged students.

    Submitted by Tamara Atkins who teaches at Hampton Roads Academy in Newport News, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/29/2001.
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    Soccer Tennis

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