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Name of Activity:

Mark Twain Olympics

Purpose of Activity:

Using the Olympic Theme to promote an "all school" interdisciplinary event as a culmination of the school year.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

A variety of equipment such as balls, bats, jump ropes, basketballs, beachball, etc. The equipment used depends upon events you choose to implement.

Description of Idea

During the last week of the year all of our students are placed into 12 teams to represent countries of the world. All of the students participate in a school-wide Olympics that involves 4 rounds of fun activities. Each team, which is comprised of children from K-5, rotates to one of 4 areas for participation:

  1. Basketball shots and bowling in the gym
  2. Fun Relay Races on our field
  3. Accuracy Stations on our blacktop playground
  4. Computer Challenge in the computer lab

Prior to the event, children make Olympic posters and country flags in art class, learn about their country in social studies, learn songs of their country in music, and practice events and learn dances in P.E. class.

The Olympics begins with a parade of nations to our field, and is followed by a flagpole ceremony and rendition of the torch bearer relay, lighting of the Olympic flame, and participants pledge.

We then begin the activities with two 25 minute rounds in the morning; break for lunch; and two 25 minute rounds in the afternoon. Teachers and special personnel serve as judges; parents help at events; and 5th grade students are team captains. We conclude Olympics with a Popsicle treat time at the flagpole!

The children play for the fun of the activities. No ribbons are awarded because every child is a winner! Each child and teacher receives a certificate and a Popsicle! The children have the opportunity to purchase Olympic T-shirts each year. It's a real happening at Mark Twain and a super tradition. Everyone gets involved and that's the secret to it's success!

Submitted by Mike Imergoot who teaches at Mark Twain Elementary School in Brentwood, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/19/2010.
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Mark Twain Olympics

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Beth Hoagland

I was not able to get onto the additinoal site about the events

Beth Hoagland

I was not able to get onto the additional site about the events

Michelle Dierker

Unbelievable- I can't believe that I came across this website! I was a 5th grade student at Mark Twain 13 years ago, and the Mark Twain Olympics was the culmination of my memories from elementary school. I still remember how excited I was to be a team captain my last year there. I'm grown and living on the other side of the globe now, but as I'm preparing myself for a career in teaching I've been looking back to my own days within the school walls for my best memories. This stands out above the rest for me!

If you are looking for a wonderful program to implement into your school, this is it! Traditions often continue because of their success rate, and I'm glad to see that the Mark Twain Olympics lives on!

Best Wishes,
Michelle Dierker

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