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Name of Activity:

Yogi's Yoga Adventure

Purpose of Activity:

To explore and create their own movement sentence using both physical and written literacy.


Some prior knowledge of Yoga poses would be helpful. If used with 2nd grade understanding what a noun and verb is.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Yogi's Adventures story Video (see video below)
Yogi's Adventure Yoga cards (see below)

Description of Idea

Students move to the YouTube story (see video below). Teacher should decide what Yoga Poses to review prior to the story.

*The cue to get ready for deep breaths is "Father Said". Students should sit down.
*The cue to indicate what the first movement in the next adventure is "Off to the plane". Students should get ready for the next pose.

After the story, students can be broken into small groups. Each group should have a set of Yogi's Yoga cards. (links out to a Google Drive)

The teacher should differentiate the directions by grade level as noted belowl.

Kindergarten: Create an adventure movement sentence. Choose 2-3 cards and communicate your adventure through movement.

First grade: Create two movement adventure sentences. For each adventure choose 2-3 cards. You may use one "Create Your Own" card if you like. Communicate your two adventures through movement.

Second grade: On the back of the noun cards write some verbs, action words that would go with the Yoga pose. You may want to talk with classroom teachers. For example Lion: pounce, roar, sneak, stalk. Boat: rock, float, sink, chug.

Students should create two adventure movement sentences. They may choose 3-4 cards and must use descriptive verbs as the tell their story through movement. Older students could be asked to add rhyme.

Yogi's Adventure Video

Sample of Yogi's Yoga cards

Teaching Suggestions:

As you are watching the students ask yourself these questions.

As students communicate their adventure did they?

*Used 2-3 poses
*Hold poses with control
*Were creative

Submitted by Sandy Hageenbach who teaches at Heritage Elementary School in De Pere, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/29/2020.
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Yogi's Yoga Adventure

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Connie Sheets

Very Creative. I love this idea where they can learn the poses with stories and make up their own.

YTTI Rishikesh

I love yoga and would like to join this.

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