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Name of Activity:

Daily Routines-Goal Setting in High School PE Unit Plan

Purpose of Activity:

To help students learn all of the daily routines that make physical education run smoothly on a daily basis.

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Materials Needed:

Full Unit Plan

Description of Idea

This is a unit on the introduction to High School Physical Education and learning the basics of what the daily class will consist of as well as what some of the expectations and structures are. Students will learn the daily routines that will occur each time they come to class and will start to learn how to set goals as they relate to fitness and PE.

This unit will take two weeks and will consist of four 70 minute lessons, as students only have PE every other day (four days every two weeks). The purpose of the lesson is to give students an understanding of what high school PE looks like, what is expected of them every time they come to class, and how to begin the goal-setting process as it relates to fitness. Students will develop an understanding of how to properly warm up and stretch before working out and how to set a goal in a PE class setting.

Submitted by Zachary Hess in Los Angeles, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/6/2020.
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Daily Routines-Goal Setting in High School PE Unit Plan

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