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I always use my Field Days as a culminating event at the end of the school year to promote skills that the students have learned during the school year. At my school this year my students were challenged to walk/run the mileage needed in Mighty Milers after school program and at recess to make it to Disney and therefore a Disney themed Field Day!

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Materials Needed:

Materials are listed with each event.

Description of Idea

The numbers of students/teams at each station can be adjusted based on the class size. To avoid wait time and increase activity time, more equipment can be used at each station. The amount of time at each station should be determined from a central location to move all the groups simultaneously.

  • Wreck-It Ralph-24 large hoops, 30 gator-skin balls, 4 large tubs, 2 large cones, 12 medium cones for center line
    Place cones in center to divide 2 teams, place 2 large cones in middle also to hold 12 hoops each, place large tubs about 20 feet from middle-2 on each side. Divide the class into 2 teams, 6 students on each team. Object of the game is to be the first team to build 2 buildings-(Fix-It Felix) Begin play by throwing balls into tubs on other side of area to earn 2 hoops per one ball in the tub, Once a team has 6 hoops they may start building a building (hula hut) When the building is completed they may have one guard and the other team becomes "Wreck it Ralph" and may try to knock it down. If it is knocked down the guard may put the 6 hoops back on one of the large center cones.

  • Cars-4 inflatable inner tubes, 24 poly-spots
    Place 4 rows of spots about 20 feet apart, 6 in each line for a class of 24. Divide class into 4 teams, 6 students on each team, and have each stand on a spot. Tire is rolled from one student to the next, then the roller stays in that students spot. Continue until back in original spot.

  • Aladdin-similar to Can Jam-4 crates or baskets, 20 frisbees with picture of Genie (I just printed a picture off on the internet), 4 cones to designate throwing line, 4 cones for start line
    Divide class into 4 teams, 6 students on each team, place baskets about 25 yards away. Designate one student to start behind/beside the basket-the helper. First student in line takes a frisbee and attempts to throw in basket, the helper tries to assist by knocking it in like Can Jam. If it makes it in, it stays in basket. Thrower becomes helper and helper runs back to the start and goes to the end of the line. Continue until one team has 5 frisbees in the basket.

  • Wall-E-2 tagging noodles, 2 squirt bottles, 1 bucket of water, 4 cones to mark area
    2-3 taggers-the Oilers, the rest of the class are robots. When a student gets tagged they freeze in robot stance, Oilers must squirt them on back and they may rejoin the game.

  • Robin Hood- 2 tables, 8 noodles for table bumpers, buckets for water, 2 scoreboards, 4 water shooters, 2 golden eggs (purchased after Easter)
    Divide into 4 relay lines, 6 students on each relay team. Put one egg in middle of each table. Students in relay formation try to squirt the golden egg off of the table toward the other team. When water shooter is empty they run it back to next person in line and etc. When squirted off table a point is recorded and egg placed back in middle.

  • Lady and the Tramp- (spaghetti and meatballs) 4 hula hoops, 50 or more ball pit balls, 2 half noodles for taggers
    Place 1 hula hoop in each corner of playing area and divide students into 4 teams beside each hoop, with 6 students on each team. Place balls in the middle and 2 taggers that have a half noodle as tagging device. Students come to the middle and attempt to steal a meatball without getting tagged which they take back to their hoop. If they get tagged the meatball goes back to the center and next person's turn. Play for 2-3 minutes and team with the most meatballs is the winner. Play with new taggers.

  • Toy Story- 4 hippity hops, 3 tandem hippity hops
    Divide class into 4 relay lines with 6 students on relay team, for Grades K-2 and 3 relay lines for 3-5, with 8 students on each relay.
    K-2 ride regular hoppers around the cones and back. 3-5 ride with a partner.

  • The Incredibles- 50 yard dash, girls vs girls and then boys vs boys. First, second and third place boys race against first, second and third place girls.

  • Moana- 4 sheets with holes in the middle, 4 yarn balls of each color (the coconuts) 4 hoops of the same color as the balls
    Divide the class into 4 team, with 6 students on each team and place each beside a colored hoop and a sheet.
    Spread out balls in play area. Each team must gather 1 coconut at a time. They put the hole over the coconut and move the sheet to carry it back to team's hula hoop. The first team to have all 4 is the winner.

  • The Little Mermaid- 1 scarf for each student, cones to mark playing area
    Place scarf in waistband, belt loop or pocket-the mermaid tails Students will try to take another student's tail while not losing their own. If they lose their tail they kneel down and when a student has an extra scarf in their hand they must give it to someone on one knee.

  • Winnie the Pooh- water relay 4 small cups with holes in the bottom ( I bought hard plastic ones and drilled a small hole in the bottom) 4 buckets with water and 4 empty buckets
    Divide the class into 4 teams and place each behind a bucket of water. First student in each line fills cup with water and places above their head and run to empty bucket and dump remaining water in the empty bucket. After every student has a turn the winning team is determined by the team that has the most water in the bucket that was empty.

  • Monsters Inc, ( Code 2319-sock contamination ) 30 plus socks, huge tub of water
    Object is to be the last person with the sock contamination One player begins with a wet sock-the lead tagger, when they tag another student they also become a tagger, they get a wet sock and game continues until 1 person is left and they are the new lead tagger.

  • Pinocchio- 4 large cones, 4 medium cones, 4 small cones, 4 large rings of 4 colors
    Divide the class into 4 relay lines, with 6 students on each team and place each behind the small colored cones. Place 4 colored rings at each cone (the same color as the cone). Students run relay fashion and attempt to throw the ring on Pinocchio's nose-the big cone. (Mark a throwing line using the medium cone and change by grade.) If they successfully ring the cone, the ring stays there and they run back and tag the next person. If they miss, they bring the ring back and etc. The first team to ring all 4 of their rings is the winner.

Submitted by Bonnie Rodgers in Carlisle, PA. Additional authors for this idea were Amy Rossow, Morgan Grala, Kyle Dayhoff. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/5/2019.
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