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Name of Activity:

Hoedown Throwdown Dance (Hannah Montana)

Purpose of Activity:

To teach a fun line dance to secondary physical education students.


Students were taught various movements in the dance prior to the teaching of this dance

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Music and music player. Dance steps sheet written out located below.

Recommended music:

Song: Hoedown Throwdown Artist: Miley Cyrus

Beginning dance formation:

Scattered formation facing same direction

Dance source:

The dance idea was taken from the movie "Hannah Montana - The Movie"

Description of Idea

Most of these movements will follow along with the lyrics. We have made small adjustments to fit in the skill level of a middle school student. Use video below to help your students learn how to do the dance.

Complete Dance Steps Written Out (PDF)


Performers can add their own movements to some of the sequences in the dance.

Assessment Ideas:

Teachers may assess the teachers teaching the dance to the class with a rubric or performers could also be assessed with a rubric.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Adaptations for children in wheelchairs: Almost all of the movements can be done with arms only or by moving the wheelchair in different directions. Encourage the children to try and move with the words of the song and have fun with the movements. Children can add their own creativity at various points in the dance.


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Hoedown Throwdown Dance (Hannah Montana)

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