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Name of Activity:

Continental Drift Locomotor Skills

Purpose of Activity:

To differentiate the eight locomotor skills while moving in different directions.


Knowledge of how to skip, hop, jump, slide, gallop, walk, run,and leap.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

7, 14, 21, or 28 hula hoops, depending on how big you want each continent to be.

Description of Idea

1. Hula hoops are spread out in general space in a rough arrangement of the continents (North America hula hoops above South America Hula hoops, Antarctica hula hoops are the most southern, etc.), with 2-4 hoops representing each continent.

2. Cones are used to make an oval around the hula hoops, marking the boundary and creating a global 2D map shape.

3. The students are asked to spread out in the general space around the area marked as the globe. Make sure they walk to the area.

4. The teacher will introduce the game and explain which set of hula hoops is which continent.

5. The teacher will pick a locomotor skill (sliding, hopping, jumping, skipping, running, walking, galloping, or leaping) and ask for a student demonstration.

6. The student picked for the demonstration will start outside of the boundary area and be asked by the teacher, “what continent are we on right now?” the student will then use the designated locomotor skill to move to that continent indicated.

7. The teacher will ask a question to students (i.e. Where do penguins live?), and the students will move to the continent using the designated locomotor skill they think is the right answer. For example, if they think the right answer is North America and the skill is jumping, they will jump from there they are standing to the hoop that represents North America. The right answer is revealed, and the teacher asks another question. The locomotor skill can be switched at any point.

8. The game continues until the teacher has no more questions.

9. At the end of the lesson, the teacher will check for understanding by asking the students which set of hula hoops is which continent. They will also repeat the most important questions from the activity to reinforce the answer and the association between the answer and the activity.

Assessment Ideas:

Anecdotal notes will be used as a stand-alone assessment to record students who perform one of the eight locomotor skills incorrectly.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure students know not to step on the hula hoops as they move.

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Continental Drift Locomotor Skills

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A list of questions/answers would make this game much easier to grab and go.

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