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Name of Activity:

Team Turkey Hunt

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of the activity is to cooperate as a team and work on throwing skills.


Prior knowledge of throwing form and skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

72 bowling pins with (optional) turkey faces and point values, 15+ foam balls, a hula hoop per team, one set of letters “THANKSGIVING” per team, color coordinated with each team’s hula hoop.

Description of Idea

Set-up: Use the whole gym space. Place bowling pins in the middle of gym, scattered arrangement. Hide letters throughout the playing space (easy to find for younger students and harder to find for older students, consider using outside space for older students).

Instructions: Tell the class they are going on a "Turkey Hunt" and need to collect as many turkeys as they can, however, the game is timed based on the tracker. Once the tracker finds all 12 letters the game is down. The winning team is based on points. 7 points are awarded to the team that finds all 12 letters first. Split class up into teams of 4-6. Designate or have team members pick a ‘job’: 1-2 persons is the ‘hunter’, 1-2 the ‘receiver’, and 1-2 the tracker. The hunter’s job is to ‘shoot’ the turkeys by rolling a ball at the pins.

The receiver’s job is to collect any turkey that is knocked down and any ball/’bullet’ for their hunter. The tracker’s job is to seek and find all the letters to spell Thanksgiving. Emphasize the importance of the receiver’s; without them the hunter won’t be able to hunt and the team won’t receive any points (the turkeys are worth points).


For a math connection, each group can add up the number of points gained from the "Turkey Hunt".

Assessment Ideas:

Use a checklist to assess proper throwing form.

Use an exit slip or ask students how they worked together as a team and why they gave each person the role they had.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

For students in a wheelchair, have them play the role of tracker and hide all the letters somewhere they can reach them.

For visually impaired students, they can be a receiver with beeper balls. Or designate them a hunter and have bowling pins that make noise.

Submitted by Crystal Rachick in Menomonie, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/6/2019.
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Team Turkey Hunt

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