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Name of Activity:

NFL QB Warmup

Purpose of Activity:

To warm students up while simultaneously having them work on proper technique in the skills of throwing and catching a football.


Students must have been previously taught proper cues for throwing and catching footballs.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

2 Hula Hoop, 3 Trash Cans, and 10 foam footballs.

Description of Idea

This activity is designed for a warmup scenario and would take about ten minutes. It gives the students a chance to have fun, be competitive, and also a chance to work on form and strategy.

There is a bit of setting up required for this activity. On each side of the gym students will be divided into 3 groups and will be assigned team names (Example: Titans, Jaguars, Colts). One group will be at one end of the gym at the basket, another group will be at the other side of the gym at the basket, and the third group will be at half court with the trash cans.

The groups at the basket will be practicing throwing. I will hang a hula hoop on the baskets and if the students throw the ball through the hula hoop they will get four points, if they only hit the back board they will receive one point, if they make it through the basketball net they will receive 10 points, and if they miss everything they will receive zero points. While two groups are at either end of the gym, the third group will be at half court with the trash cans. The trash cans will be labeled with different NFL team names. The trash cans are placed in three different distances, one being the closest, one a little further, and one being placed the furthest.

The students will be lined up on the sideline and each student will get three throws. If the student makes it in the closest trash can they will receive two points, the middle trash can is four points, and the furthest trash can is six points. Each team collectively keeps score while the teacher walks around and observes. The teacher will also keep time and rotate the teams and allow the groups three minutes at each station.


Great for a station when teaching throwing and catching.

Assessment Ideas:

Based on the amount of points each team scored, the teacher will be able to see if the students learned how to accurately throw the footballs. Also, by observing, the teacher will be able to see which students need more practice and are at a higher or lower skill level.

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NFL QB Warmup

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