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Name of Activity:

Virtual Rock Wall Obstacles Using Projector

Purpose of Activity:

This activity gives students a creative and interactive way to traverse the Rock Wall. Students must pay attention to where the obstacles are moving so that they can move up or down the wall to avoid the obstacles.


Practice climbing the rock wall with the lights on is helpful but not required.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Rock Wall, Computer, Projector, Power Point Software, PowerPoint Slides
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Description of Idea

Using a PowerPoint presentation slides obstacles are projected onto the rock wall creating obstacles that students must traverse around so they can travel to the other side of the wall successfully. Students will adjust to each obstacle by climbing high or low on the wall, depending on where the obstacle is. The goal is to make it across the wall without the obstacles touching the area they are using to climb.

See the virtual rock wall in action in the short video below.

These are the PowerPoint Slides to use to project objects onto the rock wall.

These are images of the children using the virtual rock wall.

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Submitted by Lindsay Dillon and Scott Walker who teach at Pleasant Knoll Elementary School in Fort Mill, SC.


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Virtual Rock Wall Obstacles Using Projector

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I tried this in the gym and it worked awesome! Just beware if you have windows and it becomes very sunny, you cannot see the projection. It is best to do this with earlier classes in the morning or maybe in the winter when it is darker outside :)

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