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Name of Activity:

Spelling Fitness

Academic content:

Language Arts/Spelling

Purpose of Activity:

To help children with spelling as well as increase muscular endurance.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Spelling mat, deck of index cards with spelling words listed, green polyspot, red polyspot.

Physical activity:

Fitness- Muscular Endurance

Description of Idea

Students will use a spelling mat for this activity (see video below for demo of this). The spelling mat is a piece of roll paper with letters on it.

Students will be in a push-up position. There will be a "deck" of index cards that have spelling words listed. The students will spell words by touching the letters with their hands (alternating hands with each letter) while remaining in the pushup position.

If spelled correctly, they move the card to the green polyspot. If spelled incorrectly, they move the card to the red polyspot. Both polyspots should be located next to the spelling mat.

I use levels for this activity:

Level 1: They can see the word as they spell
Level 2: They may see the word and then flip it over so they can't see it as they spell.
Level 3: Tell them the word that they have to spell.

Students start at Level 1. Once all cards are on the green polyspot, then they may proceed to Level 2. Once all cards are on the green polyspot again, then they can proceed to Level 3.

Self-Assessment Check:

Green polyspot- words spelled correctly
Red polyspot- words spelled incorrectly


Students work at their own pace by using levels.

Also, you can do this activity with 2 students. They alternate touching letters until the word is spelled.


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Spelling Fitness

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