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Name of Activity:

The LEGO Field Day

Purpose of Activity:

To celebrate the end of the year while reviewing the skills we learned throughout the year. This was all done with The LEGO Movie Theme.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Equipment is listed in the description for each station on the stations handout
Station Signs
Music player with music and LEGO Movie theme song for a station rotation signal.
Taco Tuesday Table (water break) for students who are needing to stay hydrated.

Description of Idea

Grades will have classes split up to compete at each station. If a grade has a small number, then they will compete as one group. There will be two volunteers at each station, along with the classroom teacher. There will be two volunteers at the water table to help out. Students will be at the station for 12 minutes. If they finish early, they will go back through the station. When students hear the "Everything Is Awesome" song, they will rotate to the next station. The volunteers at the station will guide the class where to go next for the rotation.

The field day is comprised of 7 stations. They are described in the station handout. Also, you will find our banner below along with the station cards we used. Feel free to change and adapt to meet your needs.

Field Day Stations Description Sheet


Teaching Suggestions:

Share your outline of stations with your volunteers and the classroom teachers weeks in advance so they know exactly what you are planning for the day.

Submitted by Drew Burris who teaches at La Monte R-IV in La Monte, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/21/2018.
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The LEGO Field Day

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