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Name of Activity:


Purpose of Activity:

To help young children with their underhand rolling skills, and then integrate it into an activity.

Activity cues:

Palm of hand facing up with ball in hand
Bend down
Step with the opposite foot
Follow through with palm and fingers pointed to the target


Showing students how to roll and which foot to step out with (opposition).

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Hula hoops
Gator skin balls of all sizes

Description of Idea

Split class into two halves. Each student needs to be behind a cone. Have one student roll the gator skin ball towards the hoop on the ground in-between the two students. The goal is to have them get it so it lands and stays in the hoop on the ground. If the ball rolls into the hoop, then it counts as one point. Have the other student roll, if their ball lands in the hoop it also counts as one point. If the second roller rolls their ball and it knocks the other ball out, but has their ball stay in, then it counts as two points. Make sure to alternate who goes second. This way each student has the chance to get the two points. When they get to 10 rolls stop the activity and rotate students to play another person.

While the game is going on make sure to give them feedback about their rolling skills based on the cues listed above. It is best to focus on one cue like way to step towards the target on your roll.


We integrated Math and Science into this lesson. By talking about the force and weight of the ball, and also switching from adding numbers to subtracting. Start the point value at ten and have them see who can get to zero first.

We also used different sizes for the gator ball.

You could even try a tennis ball for this activity.

Assessment Ideas:

Checklist of the critical elements of the roll:

Palm of hand facing up with ball in hand
Bend down
Step with the opposite foot
Follow through with palm and fingers pointed to the target


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Submitted by Drew Burris who teaches at La Monte R-IV School District in La Monte, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/31/2018.

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