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Name of Activity:

Hula Hoop Plank Tag

Purpose of Activity:

Purpose of this activity is to increase upper body strength.


Prior practice with planks and/or bear walking.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

1 hula hoop per pair of students

Description of Idea

Students find a partner and are provided one hula hoop to share. Students start off with the hula hoop between them on opposite sides from each other. Students Rock/Paper/Scissors to decide who starts as the tagger. The goal is to plank around the hula hoop trying to tag your opponent without reaching through or moving through the hula hoop. Once tagged, the student then becomes the tagger. Have them restart on opposite sides from each other once again.

Stress to students that their hands must stay close to the hula hoop, but they cannot go inside the hula hoop.


They can switch to another hoop to play someone else after each person has had a turn to be a tagger.

Have them choose different ways to walk on their hands like bear walking.

Assessment Ideas:

Ask students what muscles/portion of the body is being worked on during this activity.

Submitted by Blane Spiker who teaches at Pond Gap Elementary in Knoxville, TN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/3/2018.
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Hula Hoop Plank Tag

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Hi Miller,

I'm not sure how to add a video once it has been uploaded. But I'll try and explain it better:

Place a hula hoop between two students. Students then get into plank position on opposite ends of the hula hoop. The tagger must then plank/bear walk around the hula hoop to try and tag his partner. His/her partner will then try to evade the tagger while planking/bear walking around the hula hoop. I hope that makes more sense.


I don't understand the game.
Could you post a video for demonstration?


please can i be given the email address of Blane Spiker? Blane Spiker please if you can see this comment please my email address is [email protected] . i tried the lesson and i need to ask you some questions privately. thanks

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