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Name of Activity:

Stuff the Turkey

Purpose of Activity:

To get into the spirit of Thanksgiving while focusing on working as a team.


Students should be taught so they understand the definition of cooperation - working together to get something accomplished.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

4 baskets
2-3 red pinnies
2 yellow pinnies
Fluff balls or bean bags

Description of Idea


Place the baskets (Nest) in the corner of the activity area. Dump all of the fluff balls or bean bags into the center circle (that you create or use the lines on your basketball floor). Divide the class into 4 different teams. Choose 2-3 students to wear Red Pinnies – Hunters. Choose 2 students to wear the yellow pinnies – Farmers. Hunters and farmers start in the center of the gym. The rest of the students are the Turkeys. Turkeys start in the corner with their basket (Nest).

Game Play:

On the go signal, one Turkey from each team moves (prefer not to have them run so have them work on skipping, leaping, sliding, etc.) to the center to steal food and tries to bring it back to their turkey nest. Turkeys are allowed to get only 1 piece of "food".

When turkeys are trying to steal food, the hunters can gently tag a turkey. If the turkey is tagged, they freeze like a scarecrow with arms straight out and legs separated. Farmers see their scared turkeys and come to the rescue. Farmers crawl through the legs of the scarecrow/turkey from the front of the scarecrow. Once the farmer is through, the turkey can move back to their team. If a turkey becomes a scarecrow, the next turkey in line goes to try to gather food for their nest.

Play continues for a few minutes or until all of the food is gathered. Play another round with new hunters and farmers

Assessment Ideas:

Each time the roles change, have students tell you what the hunter does, what the farmer does, how many pieces of food a turkey can hunt, and what a turkey does when they are tagged.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure the students go from front to back when going through the legs of the scarecrow. Do not allow them to go from back to front. Also, make sure they get all the way through before moving.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

For students in a wheelchair, have them work with a buddy who will help them steal food and pick it up from the ground. If they get tagged, have the farmer give them a high 5 to get back into game play.

For students without sight, you can add equipment in the middle that makes a sound for these students to steal

Submitted by Stefanie Pingel who teaches at Marshall Early Learning Center in Marshall, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/13/2018.
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Stuff the Turkey

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