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Name of Activity:

Health Related Fitness Components

Purpose of Activity:

To test students knowledge of the five health related fitness components- cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. This assessment not only demonstrates whether they know what the five components are, but also requires students to categorize exercises into the correct area of fitness.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

The assessment sheet for the kids and below is the answer key for the teacher:
Five Components of Fitness Student Assessment (Word Document)
Five Components of Fitness Student Assessment (PDF)
Five Components of Fitness Student Assessment Answer Key (Word Document)
Five Components of Fitness Student Assessment Answer Key (PDF)

Description of Idea

After going over the 5 components of fitness give this assessment to your students to see if they understand them all. Students identify and name the five components of fitness by placing one component in each of the five boxes. Then under each box there is a bubble for them to list at least two exercises or physical activities that would help them improve in that area of fitness (match exercise to their fitness component).

Use the assessment sheets in the Materials section above to print and make copies for your students.

Submitted by Kristy Chaffin who teaches at Floyd Elementary School in Midland, MI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/7/2017.
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Health Related Fitness Components

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It would be better if you gave definitions or ideas of how to describe the 5 components...

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