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Name of Activity:

The Phys. Ed. Cube

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

The Phys. Ed. Cube video, projector, computer/iPad, and poly spots.

Description of Idea

The Phys. Ed. Cube. gives students a choice to pick from a quick instant activity. Project the video on the wall for students. For younger students, you can have them stand on poly spots while watching the video (see below) to perform. Each turn of the cube has students picking from an exercise, or a skill objective. There is also a couple rest periods involved. Animated GIFs are imported to demonstrate what is being done for the choices.

Teaching Suggestions:

You can add different exercises/skills to the cube. If you are doing a certain unit, you can add the skills that make up the unit into the cube.


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The Phys. Ed. Cube

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